The era of advanced satellite communications is with us. 

Significantly increased connectivity is no longer for the richest quartile of the maritime industry, it will enable every vessel owner, operator, and manager, together with every crew manager – indeed every seafarer – to work smarter.   

But increased connectivity is not a goal in itself. Over the coming year maritime companies will be exploring the opportunities opened up by an uninterrupted flow of data between ship and shore, wherever the ship is and however far the distance from its operations centre. 

According to a survey carried out by OrbitMI and Lloyd’s List last year, shipping believes smart operations via satellite connectivity is expensive, data analytical expertise is not in place, and senior management has yet to be convinced. What’s the sentiment after a year of pandemic? 

We know that as shipping emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, super-connectivity will be a game-changer for the industry, so join us to hear how your business can grow smarter.

The advent of hyper-connectivity will divide shipping between the brave and the timid, between those who see the potential of data analytics and those plunging their collective heads in the sand.

Join our panel of experts as we discuss the questions such as:

  • What’s the best form of connectivity for a fleet operating in a given part of the world?
  • Can digital solutions help reduce CO2 emission in line with regulatory requirements?
  • Can crew management software be used to retain expertise and skills within a company, whether onboard ship or ashore?
  • What are the digital myths and what are the realities? Is hyper-connectivity everything the marketing gurus claim or just pie in the sky?


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Richard Clayton (Moderator)
Chief Correspondent
Lloyd's List
Carole Plessy
Head of Maritime
Eero Lehtovaara
Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs
ABB Marine & Ports
Peter Schellenberger
VP Supply Chain
Thome Group
Elena Hauerhof
Product Manager
Lloyd's List Intelligence